Compounding medications

Before the large-scale manufacturing of medications in the 1950s, every pharmacy would be preparing all the medications by compounding the active ingredients into the dosage form needed, whether it being capsules, suppositories or creams. Now in the 21st century, commercially made medications are the norm and compounding medications is a skill and art within the pharmacy community.

Compounded medications are individualized and personalized, just like you. Neither the medication itself nor its dose is limited to what the manufacturers produce. Also, we can customize medications if there are allergies or dietary preferences.

Transdermal Pain Management

Pain medications taken orally often have negative side effects on the body. Transdermal pain medications are applied to the skin and the medication is absorbed where the pain is. Little medication is absorbed into the rest of the body to cause systemic side effects.

Medications that can be included in transdermal creams include anti-inflammatory pain relievers (e.g. diclofenac, ketoprofen, ketorolac), muscle relaxants (e.g. cyclobenzaprine, magnesium chloride), medications for nerve pain (e.g. gabapentin), anesthetics (e.g. lidocaine, bupivocaine) and many others.

Pediatric medications

It can be difficult to get children to take medication, much less their vegetables. The doses for children are often lower than commercially available products. For children with autism often cannot tolerate the fillers or dyes used in commercial preparations. Palisades Pharmacy can help with customizing the medications from the how to administer it, such as in a flavored liquid or possibly a gummy or lollipop, to catering the ingredients to avoid allergens or food intolerances.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Most people will agree that they felt the most active and energetic in their twenties. As people get older, the feeling of vitality diminishes leaving them feeling sluggish and unhappy. Changes in hormone levels can contribute to the poor energy and mood. If this is the case for you and supplementing bio-identical hormones is the answer, we can provide them for you. Here at Palisades Pharmacy, we provide you with the prescribed therapy that you have discussed with your doctor.

Bio-identical hormone therapy can be administered with creams, capsules, and/or injections. We will prepare them for you in a timely manner and provide the support and education to help you feel your best again.

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