Our pharmacists can prescribe medications!

Pharmacist Prescribing

Pharmacists in Alberta were the first in Canada to be given the ability to prescribe medications. Not all pharmacists can prescribe. Pharmacists need to apply and demonstrate competency from the Alberta College of Pharmacy before they are provided with Additional Prescribing Authority (APA).

All of our pharmacists at Palisades Pharmacy have additional prescribing authority.

Contact any of us to discuss what you need.

a paper clipping of a paper with a checklist of the words rx
a paper clipping of a paper with a checklist of the words rx

Did you know?

We can provide requisitions for bloodwork.

Our pharmacists can send our patients to complete bloodwork if deemed necessary. In order to prescribe or to manage your medications, we ensure the medications that you are taking are safe for you and are working for you.

We can assess and evaluate minor ailments.

Minor ailments are health conditions that can be easily managed with self-care or minimal treatment. We hope to take the burden of assessing these conditions to leave the more challenging conditions for the physicians.

Some minor ailments that we often see include:



canker sores

oral thrush

eye infections

skin rashes or dermatitis

diaper rashes

menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea

acid reflux


cold sores

nausea/vomiting with pregnancy (morning sickness)

bladder infections

yeast infections

muscle or joint pain

erectile dysfunction

Pharmacists are not able to prescribe controlled or narcotic medications.

Pharmacists can prescribe prescription medications if it is in their scope of practice, with the exception of any controlled or narcotic medications.

We can help manage chronic medical conditions.

We work with your primary care provider to manage chronic medical conditions. We check to ensure that your medications and doses are appropriate.

Examples of chronic conditions that we manage:

High blood pressure (Hypertension)


High cholesterol/lipids

Chronic kidney disease

Specialty Prescribing Services

Health care professionals are able to further their education and specialize in an area.

Kerry is Certified in Travel Health by ISTM (International Society of Travel Medicine).

Linda is a Menopause Society Certified Practitioner by The Menopause Society (formerly known as The North American Menopause Society).