What We Do at Palisades Pharmacy

Our Services

Pharmacy services has evolved dramatically in the past decade. The pharmacists at Palisades Pharmacy are embracing the new expanded scope of practice and offer more comprehensive services above and beyond dispensing of medications, including medication reviews, assessment and prescribing of minor ailments and chronic conditions, consultations for travel and menopause.

Compounding Services

Compounded medications are individualized and personalized, just like you. Neither the medication itself nor its dose is limited to what the manufacturers produce. At Palisades Pharmacy, our compounding pharmacists can customize medications for your condition, specific needs, allergies or dietary preferences.

Preparing Prescriptions and Compliance Packaging

Our pharmacy team is ready to prepare your prescriptions. We ask you questions to ensure that the prescriptions are right for you, the right drug and dosage and for the right purpose. We will tell you what you need to know, why and how you need to take the medication, what to expect from the medication, and offer other pearls of knowledge that is related to your medication.

Pharmacist Prescribing

All of our pharmacists at Palisades Pharmacy have additional prescribing authority. We can assess and evaluate minor ailments, such as acne, allergies, bladder infections, rashes, and more. We can also help manage chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Travel Clinic

Be prepared before heading on your next trip with Kerry, our Certified Travel Health Pharmacist. Vaccinations and preventative medications prescribed and administered during the consultation to keep you healthy during your travels.

Perimenopause and Menopause Consultations

Many women are confused about how they are supposed to feel as they transition from the reproductive stage of their lives to being postmenopausal. Linda is a Menopause Society Certified Practitioner. She is passionate about women's health, specifically during perimenopause. She will sit down with women seeking education about perimenopause and possible solutions to manage their perimenopausal symptoms. Solutions may include lifestyle adjustments, over-the-counter and/or prescription therapies, including hormone replacement therapy.

Injection Services

We administer injections to those aged 5 years and older. Injections might be medications, like Depo-Provera, testosterone, or Vitamin B12, or vaccinations, like the flu shot, COVID vaccine or Twinrix.

Strep Throat Testing

We do rapid Group A Strep throat testing here at Palisades Pharmacy. Our prescribing pharmacists can prescribe an antibiotic with or without a numbing mouthwash if the results show positive for Group A strep.

Food Sensitivity Testing

An elimination diet requires avoidance of all major allergen groups (such as gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, fish) and slowly reintroduce different food groups one at a time and monitor the response. It is a laborious process. Take the guesswork out of your diet by determining food intolerances with a Food Sensitivity test.

Pharmacogenomics: Personalized Medicine

Have you ever wondered why you are more prone to side effects from a particular medication or why a medication isn’t quite working for you? Your DNA may play a role in your response to medications. Your genes can have a role in determining how your body reacts to a medication. Pharmacogenomics is a field of medicine that uses your genetic information to optimize treatment response and minimize side effects. This means that medications can be personalized to your DNA, which in turn can help achieve your treatment goals.